Learning Dutch

Have you always wanted to immerse into the Dutch culture by being able to speak the Dutch language, but haven't figured out how and where to do so? Then, you have come to the right place: CSA-EUR can help you with this!
Our Dutch language course offers the ideal learning environment for people who are serious about learning Dutch. CSA-EUR strives for a warm, personal and practical learning experience. Furthermore, CSA-EUR has small classes, professional teaching methods and experienced teachers who are native speakers. For the Dutch language course, there is even a field trip in which students can put into practice what they have learned in class.
The language course is completed by examinations at the end. Once you have passed the exams, you will receive a CSA-EUR language course certificate signed by your teacher stating that you successfully finished a certain level.


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If you’re already convinced, click the button below to sign-up for the coming trimester(s). Otherwise scroll down for more details and good reasons why you should learn mandarin.


  • The courses are taught in English by native Dutch speakers.
  • Class once a week (2 hours), 11 weeks per trimesters (10 classes + 1 exam day).
  • On Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Time slots are 17.00-19.00 and 19.15-21.15.
  • Location is Campus Woudestein.
  • Examination: written, oral (and listening if higher level).
  • Language course certificate signed by teacher.

Please note:

  • One class will be opened if there are more than 4 applicants.
  • Applicants who have not participated in a CSA-EUR language course before are required to take an intake test (except Beginners 1 applicants). The intake tests consist of both written and oral parts. The deadline for applying for an intake test is usually at least one week before the application deadline. There are no additional costs for the intake tests.
Beginner 1• Dutch sentence structure
• Regular and irrigular Dutch verbs
• Introducing yourself
• Doing groceries
• Ordering something at a restaurant
• And much more!
Contact! 1 (Nederlands voor anderstaligen)A1.1
Beginner 2• Conjunctions (part 1)
• Pronouns
• Daily activities
• Asking the way
• Family
• And much more!
Beginner 3• Past tense
• Perfectum
• Traveling
• At the doctor's
• Inquiries
• And much more!
Pre-Intermediate• Seperable verbs
• Relative pronouns
• Housing
• Weather
• Work and school
• And much more
Intermediate 1• Indirect speech
• Conjunctions (part 2)
• Future plans
• Giving advice and instructions
• Making phone calls
• And much more!
We also offer the following courses:• Intermediate 2
• Intermediate 3
• Pre-Advanced
• Advanced 1
• Advanced 2
• Advanced 3
*If there are more than 3 students, a class for that particular level will be opened.
N2-II training coursesread more information below

NT2-II exam


Information brochure

NT2, also known as Nederlands als tweede taal, is the official State exam for Dutch as a second language. With a diploma NT2, you can show that you are proficient in Dutch for working or studying in the Netherlands. You can also use it for integration and for applying for naturalization (a Dutch passport), or a permanent residence. There are two examination programs included: Program I (at European language level B1) and Program II (at European language level B2, which is the highest Dutch exam level). The exam is conducted by the Dutch government and consists of four modules: reading, listening, writing and speaking.

CSA-EUR is thrilled to announce its new NT2-II exam training course starting this new academic year! The training course includes all the four modules in the exam: The first course starting in September trains for the Speaking and Listening modules; the second course starting in January trains for the Reading and Writing modules. Each course contains 10 sessions of 2 hours per week. After the training course you are expected to pass NT2, program II exam and reach B2 language level.

The first course is scheduled every Tuesday 19:15-21:15, starting on 20 of September, at T building on Woudestein campus, Erasmus University. The cost is one Gold Membership per course (2 modules), which is still considerably cheaper compared to other NT2 training courses. If you buy a Gold Membership, you have the option to take 3 language courses or one NT2-II exam training course. Our most experienced and professional teacher as well as the small class scale assures you the best quality of the course. You will also get free customized training materials by CSA for the NT2-II exam.

Note: The cost of payment does not include the NT2-II exam fee. You are supposed to sign up for the exam by yourself. Moreover, you are expected to bring your own laptop and preferably also a Dutch dictionary with you (also allowed in the official exam), in order to get the best training at your own space in class.


Trimester 1Trimester 2Trimester 3
Period26th Sep - 6th Dec
(11 weeks: 10 classes + exam day)
23rd Jan 2018 - 3rd Apr 2018
(11 weeks: 10 classes + exam day)
10th Apr 2018 - 19th Jun 2018
(11 weeks: 10 classes + exam day)
Course daysTuesday, Wednesday and ThursdayTuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Application Deadline & Payment Deadline21st September 23.5920th January 2018 23.59
7th April 2018 23.59
Trial classesBeginners Level:
19th September
(time TBA)
20th September: Intermediate Level
(time TBA)
The week of 15th of January 2018
(time TBA)
The week of 3rd of April 2018
(time TBA)
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Right after purchasing the bronze/silver/gold membership, you are obliged to fill in the application form (this is 1 process). So if you are hold a premium membership and still didn't sign up for a language course then something must have gone wrong. Please send an email to education@csa-eur.nl


1 Language course included
To be taken during any trimester
1 City trip
Exclusive cultural workshops
Course material included*
All year round applications possible
3 language courses or 1 NT2-II
All year
1 City trip
Study trip discount (10%) if selected
Exclusive cultural workshops
Course material included*
Only available during the first trimester

1 Language course is for 1 trimester (see the table above: 'WHEN CAN I TAKE A LANGUAGE COURSE?')


If you have any further questions, please send an e-mail to education@csa-eur.nl or come by CSA-EUR office N3-07 during office hours.