Learning Mandarin

Why learn Mandarin?

Since China has become a significant player in the world economy, the demand for experienced professionals with Chinese language skills has expanded dramatically. For people taking their first steps into the job market, it is essential to differentiate themselves from the crowd. Learning Chinese will present you with an excellent chance to get a step forward and draw the attention of prospective employers.

Our Mandarin language course offers the ideal learning environment for people who want to learn Mandarin. CSA-EUR strives for a warm, personal and practical learning experience. This experience is offered by CSA-EUR by providing small classes, professional teaching methods and experienced teachers who are native speakers. The language course is completed by examinations at the end. Once you have passed the exams, you will receive a CSA-EUR language course certificate signed by your teacher stating that you successfully finished a certain level.


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  • The courses are taught in English by native Mandarin speakers.
  • Class once a week (2 hours), 11 weeks per trimesters (10 classes + 1 exam day).
  • On Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Time slots are 17.00-19.00 and 19.15-21.15.
  • Location is Campus Woudestein.
  • Examination: written, oral (and listening if higher level).
  • Language course certificate signed by teacher.
     Please note:
  • One class will be opened if there are more than 4 applicants.
  • Applicants who have not participated in a CSA-EUR language course before are required to take an intake test (except Beginners 1 applicants). The intake tests consist of both written and oral parts. The deadline for applying for an intake test is usually at least one week before the application deadline. There are no additional costs for the intake tests.
Beginner 1• Build the solid foundation of Mandarin: Pinyin
• Get the basic knowledge of Chinese characters: Strokes
• Recognising simple Chinese characters
• Simple Chinese dialogue
• Chinese culture introduction
Boya ChineseHSK 1
Beginner 2• Recognising around 200-300 characters
• Enhance oral speaking ability
• Simple Chinese grammar
• Ancient Chinese culture introduction
Beginner 3• Recognising around 400-500 characters
• Enhance listening ability speaking ability further
• Relatively complicated dialogue and grammar
• Deeper Chinese culture introduction
Pre-HSK 3
Pre-Intermediate• Recognising around 600-700 characters
• Being able to read brief Chinese text paragraph without Pinyin
• Being able to hold daily conversation in Chinese
• Deeper Chinese culture introduction
Intermediate 1• Recognising around 700-800 characters
• Being able to read long Chinese text paragraph without pinyin
• Advanced Chinese culture introduction
Pre-HSK 4
Intermediate 2• Recognising around 900-1000 characters
• Being able to read very long Chinese text
• Being able to watch Chinese TV programs
• Chinese current society issues discussion
Pre-HSK 4
Intermediate 3• Recognising around 1100-1200 characters
• Fluent in speaking Chinese
• Being able to watch Chinese TV programs
• Chinese current society issues discussion
Advanced• Recognising more than 1200 characters
• If you want to apply for the Advanced level, please contact us at education@csa-eur.nl to take an intake test. There are no additional costs for the intake test.
Above HSK 4


Trimester 1Trimester 2Trimester 3
Period26th Sep - 6th Dec
(11 weeks: 10 classes + exam day)
23rd Jan 2018 - 3rd Apr 2018
(11 weeks: 10 classes + exam day)
10th Apr 2018 - 19th Jun 2018
(11 weeks: 10 classes + exam day)
Course daysTuesday, Wednesday and ThursdayTuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday
Application Deadline & Payment Deadline21st September 23.5920th January 2018 23.59
7th April 2018 23.59
Trial classesBeginners Level:
19th September
(time TBA)
20th September: Intermediate Level
(time TBA)
The week of 15th of January 2018
(time TBA)
The week of 3rd of April 2018
(time TBA)
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Right after purchasing the bronze/silver/gold membership, you are obliged to fill in the application form (this is 1 process). So if you are hold a premium membership and still didn't sign up for a language course then something must have gone wrong. Please send an email to education@csa-eur.nl


1 Language course included
To be taken during any trimester
1 City trip
Exclusive cultural workshops
Course material included*
All year round applications possible
3 language courses or 1 NT2-II
All year
1 City trip
Study trip discount (10%) if selected
Exclusive cultural workshops
Course material included*
Only available during the first trimester


1 Language course is for 1 trimester (see the table above: 'WHEN CAN I TAKE A LANGUAGE COURSE?')


If you have any further questions, please send an e-mail to education@csa-eur.nl or come by CSA-EUR office N3-07 during office hours.