A quick intro to Hong Kong!

As I have my roots in the lovely city, Hong Kong, I am not embarrassed to declare my love for Hong Kong. I love the city for its vibrance. Hong Kong is the perfect example where West meets East.

Hong Kong – Night View

What can you do in Hong Kong?

Every city has its must see places. Hong Kong obviously has its own. If you love the Skyline of Rotterdam, then you must see the Skyline of Hong Kong. With its many skyscrapers, the Skyline of Hong Kong is a beautiful sight. When the sun goes down, the city still shines at night. The city is still alive and breathing. One of the many reasons, why I love Hong Kong so much. I love it when cities feel alive and you can just flow into the masses. Another thing that makes me very happy is the 7/11, because there is one on every corner and they are 24/7 open. I definitely love the 24/7 mentality of Hong Kong and the quick deliveries of McDonalds and KFC.

Another must see is of course the Great Buddha. A tip, grab a bottle and hike it up! The view is worth it and it is a good exercise. Seeing the Buddha up close makes you realize how small you are. It puts things into perspective and makes you feel humbler. The same feeling I get, when I gaze at the stars at night and realize the infinity of the universe and how we are just a little spot in the great picture.

If you don’t want to hike, but you want to enjoy some culture, I would recommend the Museum of Art of Hong Kong. I remember the first time I visited it. I was blown away. The Museum of Art houses several expositions related to the history, culture and art of China. It also houses expositions of some local artists.The Museum of Art made me realize how great the art history was of China. It definitely rivals the highs of the Greek and Roman era.

Hong Kong is also known for its shopping. It is just so convenient to shop in Hong Kong. Around Prince Edward, Yau Ma Tei etc. you have so many little shops and big shopping malls. Whenever I go to Hong Kong, at first my luggage is pretty light, but whenever I go back home, it is so heavy I need to drag it with my whole body weight. In Hong Kong, there is just so much to buy. Clothes, tech, books, cute little stuff, it is really a shopping heaven! The shopping malls are big. And they all have AC, which is a big must, especially in the summer. Festival Walk even has an ice skating rank in its mall! In the malls, they sometimes have little open mics and events. Local singer-songwriters are promoted on stage.

Besides shopping, Hong Kong has a lot of food. The cuisine in Hong Kong is really diverse and international. You can eat everything you want in Hong Kong. If you don’t know what to eat in Hong Kong, I would recommend you to use Open Rice. It is the most popular dining guide in Hong Kong and it has a huge user base, which makes the reviews really reliable.

The obvious food that you need to try out in Hong Kong is the dim sum and the local street food. For example, the fishballs, siew maai on the go, paired with a bubble tea. In Hong Kong, you also have bakeries with all kind of breads and cakes. That is also a must to try out, as the cakes and breads differ a lot from the West.

I would often start my day at a little restaurant with a breakfast menu, e.g. noodles and luncheon meat with eggs and a lemon ice drink. The lemonade in Hong Kong is somehow really different than here. I believe it is because they use a certain sugar or syrup that you just cannot get here. You could also start your day with yamcha. In contrast to here, they will give you a bowl, so you can wash your utensils and rice bowls with tea. Around breakfast and around the afternoon tea, you will see a lot of elderly going yamcha and meeting up with the other elderlies of the neighborhood.

Besides yamcha, Hong Kong also has its own version of fast food. Restaurants like De Carol and Fairwood sell cha siew and rice like McDonalds sells hamburgers.

Cha siew and Rice

If you are hungry in the middle of the night, you do not need to fear. As a lot of restaurants or local street food places are open in the middle of the night catering to the hungry Hongkongneses.

Apps that I would also advise for your trip to Hong Kong are:

  • TripAdvisor, because that is the holy bible for travelers.
  • HK GO, HKeRouting and MTR Mobile for easy transport in Hong Kong.
  • Airbnb, because often hotels are really expensive in Hong Kong unfortunately.

Have you ever been to Hong Kong? If so, which are your hotspots of Hong Kong? What is your favorite dish? Tell me in the comments.

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