17th Board
Jia Hao Zhou

Name: Jia Hao Zhou(周嘉豪)
Ethnicity: Dutch-Chinese
Study Programme: Business Administration
Favourite Food: Hotpot/Korean
Hobbies: Eating out, freestyle rap, basketball
Biggest Pet Peeve: People sucking their fingers after finishing eating
Random fact: I enjoy KTV (Chinese songs tho)

Ee Xuan Tan

Name: Ee Xuan Tan (陈奕轩)
Ethnicity: Malaysian
Study Programme: Bsc Computerscience and Engineering
Favourite Food: bak kut teh
Hobbies: Basketball, gym
Biggest Pet Peeve: when people leave my door open
Random fact: I like reading about conspiracy theories

Adrian Wong

Name: Adrian Wong (黄晨峰)
Ethnicity: Dutch-Chinese (Hong Kong)
Study Programme: Pre-master Business Administration
Favourite Food: Seafood
Hobbies: Tennis, dancing, listening to music, reading
Biggest Pet Peeve: When people eat my food without permission
Random fact: I keep eating even though I’m full

Rong Dong
Vice-President & Commissioner of External Affairs

Name: Rong Dong (董荣)
Ethnicity: Dutch-Chinese (Fuzhou)
Study Programme: International Business Administration
Favourite Food: Sushi
Hobbies: Cooking, Puzzles, Languages
Biggest Pet Peeve: Latecomers
Random fact: My favourite movie is 12 Angry Men

Linda Ruan
Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Name: Linda Hongzhang Ruan(阮虹彰)
Ethnicity: Dutch-Chinese (Zhejiang)
Study Programme: MSc Econometrics and Management Science – Quantitative Finance
Favourite Food: Japanese BBQ
Hobbies: Running, Movie nights, Dining out
Biggest Pet Peeve: When people are not willing to try out food from different cultures
Random fact: I have a weird phobia for snails

Simeon Choi
Marketing & IT Officer

Name: Simeon Choi (蔡儆候)
Ethnicity: Dutch-Chinese (Hongkong/Wenzhou)
Study Programme: Bsc Business Administration
Favourite Food: Kimchi
Hobbies: Magic, Electric guitar, Videography, Table tennis
Biggest Pet Peeve: Slow thinkers
Random fact: Met Shin Lim before his worldwide success