17th Board
Jingli Gao

Name: Jingli Gao (高建理)
Ethnicity: Dutch-Chinese (Zhejiang)
Study Programme: Bsc2 Econometrics/Economics
Favourite Food: Pasta
Hobbies: Movie nights, Tennis, Puzzles
Biggest Pet Peeve: When there is a minimum amount required for delivery
Random fact: My Dutch name is my Chinese name, but then spelled in the wrong way (Jingli instead of Jian Li)

Joyce Ng

Name: Joyce Ng 吴彩诗
Ethnicity: Dutch-Chinese
Study Programme: Master Media & Business
Favourite Food: Pokébowl
Hobbies: Partying, Hang out with friends
Biggest Pet Peeve: when people don’t close the caps of bottles properly
Random fact: I don’t have a gallbladder anymore

Shuo Ye

Name: Shuo Ye 叶硕
Ethnicity: Dutch-Chinese
Study Programme: Master Econometrics and Management Science (Quantitative Logistics)
Favourite Food: Spicy food
Hobbies: Farming games, piano
Biggest Pet Peeve: When sending costs are higher than the actual product costs
Random fact: I can only crack the bones of one of my fingers.

Meiko Lin
Vice-President & Commissioner of External Affairs

Name: Meiko Lin (林成豪)
Ethnicity: Dutch-Chinese
Study Programme: Master in Finance & Investment
Favourite Food: Korean BBQ
Hobbies: Basketball, Cooking, Reading, Watching Films
Biggest Pet Peeve: People who stand on the left side of an escalator. Right is for standing! Left for walking!
Random fact: I am born 3 months too early.

Michelle Tran
Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Name: Michelle Que Tran
Ethnicity: Dutch-Vietnamese
Study Programme: MSc Econometrics & Management Science
Favourite Food: Pho
Hobbies: Dancing, listening to music, eating
Biggest Pet Peeve: When people leave my room and don’t close the door
Random fact: I love eating leftovers

Willem Li
Marketing & IT Officer

Name: Qirong Li 黎骐荣
Ethnicity: Dutch Cantonese
Study Programme: Computer Science and Engineering
Favourite Food: korean bbq
Hobbies: programming, playing piano, photography
Biggest Pet Peeve: when people talk in the meeting when I’m talking
Random fact: I was actually born in China