18th Board
Hong Yin Chi
Marketing & IT Officer

Name: Hong Yin Chi (池鸿欣)

Age: 21

Ethnicity: Dutch-Chinese (Fuzhou)

Study Programme: MSc Business Information Management

Favourite activities: Going out to eat with friends, travelling, and sleeping

Random fact: I’m scared of dogs because I got chased by one when I was younger

Jin Zhuang Pan
Commissioner of Internal Affairs

Name: Jin Zhuang Pan (泮金庄)

Age: 21

Ethnicity: Dutch-Chinese (Wenzhou)

Study Programme: Second-year BSc Business Administration

Favourite activities: Working out, chilling with friends, and eating

Random fact: My right calve is bigger than my left one

Helen Wu
Vice President & Commissioner of External Affairs

Name: Helen Wu (吴海伦)

Age: 19

Ethnicity: Dutch-Chinese (Wenzhou)

Study Programme: Second-year BSc International Business Administration

Favourite activities: Binging dramas, hanging out with friends, trying out new restaurants, and making boba

Random fact: My thumbs can bend backwards

Justin Cheng

Name: Justin Cheng (郑璟耀)

Age: 20

Ethnicity: Dutch-Chinese (Hong Kong)

Study Programme: Third-year BSc International Business Administration

Favourite activities: Diving and snowboarding

Random fact: I love adrenaline

Jun Jun Liang

Name: Jun Jun Liang (梁慧君)

Age: 21

Ethnicity: Dutch-Chinese (Wenzhou)

Study Programme: MSc Arts & Media

Favourite activities: Going to concerts and museums or getting bubble tea

Random fact: I am obsessed with vinyl records and Mariah Carey

Joshua Cheung

Name: Joshua Cheung (张肇康)

Age: 21

Ethnicity: Dutch-Chinese (Hongkong)

Study Programme: MSc Medicine + MSc Healthcare Management

Favourite activities: Watching football, playing piano, and eating blue cheese

Random fact: I vibe to Pokémon DPPT music