The Council usually consists of several former CSA-EUR board members. The council provides the functioning Board its ideas and suggestions, and takes the role as an advisory organ. In the meantime, the council also supports the current Board in promoting the image of CSA and expanding the network for CSA.


The Board is the unit that makes the formal and final decisions within CSA-EUR. These decisions include recruiting board members, major spendings, important developments, and major cooperations with other parties.

Business Committee

The Business Committee focuses on career-related activities. Its goal is to assist our members in their transfer from student- to career life. The Business Committee will play a crucial role in professionalizing CSA-EUR. CSA-EUR’s biggest event ‘China in Focus’ is the leading annual event which is featured by high profile students and professionals providing the best know-how. Next, the Business Committee will also organize several In-house days to Dutch/Chinese companies through-out the year to bridge the gap between students and potential employers. In addition, the Business Committee will take the lead in helping CSA to build up a database of potential employers for its members; providing students which the essential Chinese knowledge to companies who are doing business with Asia and vice versa.

Social Events Committee

This committee involves organizing social events such as the annual Christmas Gala, the social drinks, a sports tournament, karaoke nights, pool tournaments, dinners and barbecues. The goal of these activities is to introduce members to each other and to expose CSA-EUR.

For this upcoming year, just as last year, the Events Committee will focus on promotion and regular host events. Some new ideas and events are on the agenda for this year. Cooperation with ESN is also something the Events Committee wants to continue, after several successful parties that were organized previous years.

Cultural Events Committee

The Cultural Events committee will organize major events such as the annual Moon Festival, which can be seen as the openings party of CSA-EUR each academic year. This committee also organizes cultural events such as tea workshops, calligraphy workshops, food events, etc. This can be both Dutch and Chinese culture. Furthermore, the Cultural Events Committee is responsible for the team building of all active members together! Last year, this was amongst others the teambuilding weekend to Bergen op Zoom. Since this committee is quite new, the Cultural Events committee has a lot of freedom to choose events.

Education Committee

The Education Committee of last year set up a steady foundation. With many thanks to the old committee members, CSA-EUR achieved a steady and trustworthy reputation for the quality of the language courses that we offer. The Education Committee is in charge of organizing these (Mandarin) Chinese and Dutch language courses, and we receive more members each year. 

Study Trip Committee

The Study Trip Committee is in charge of organizing CSA-EUR’s annual Study Trip to a location within China. This committee works very hard in organizing an exciting, educational and diverse itinerary for the participating students, in the hope that they will have the ultimate China experience. To do so, the Study Trip Committee starts planning the content of the Study Trip from the beginning of the academic year, until the start of the Study Trip in late March.

Marketing Committee

It is the Marketing Committee’s duty to position and present the CSA-EUR brand as one of the largest multicultural student organization of the Netherlands. However, their tasks are much more diverse. The ‘Marketing Committee’ supports other committees within CSA-EUR with their promotion plans and will guide them to organize successful events. Furthermore, we are responsible for maintaining and monitoring the digital environment of CSA-EUR. This includes the CSA-EUR-website, keeping the social media up-to-date and designing flyers, posters and banners for our target group.