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Introducing: Joyce Ng
Active years at CSA-EUR:
2018-2019 | Social Events Committee
2019-2020 | Head of Cultural Events + Alumni
"I guess I'll start with a classic story: a Chinese kid growing up in a small town where I was mostly surrounded by Dutch people. I always thought that I was too much of a 'banana' and wouldn't fit in the Dutch Chinese community. But look at me now, I have a super diverse group of friends who accept me as I am. CSA-EUR took a huge rol in shaping the open-minded person I am today. This made me realize that it is important to listen to everybody's experiences and tell your own unique story."

Q: How did CSA-EUR spark your interest? Why did you decide to join?
A: It was going to be my last year as a student and I knew for a fact that I had to make it a good one. So I decided to join a student association that was close to heart, but also fun at the same time. Sure as hell did I have fun, cause I postponed my graduation and stayed for an extra year as a board member.

Q: What was your fondest memory at CSA-EUR?
A: There were a lot of fond memories, but the one that stands out the most is the board announcement day. I got to know my fellow board members and there was an instant connection between us. It was the first official day where we had to work together and most importantly have fun together. After that, many more moments occurred where we had to rely on each other but we still kept our smiles through the ups and downs. We built a strong bond from the start, which continued growing during our board year. Now, we are left with great friendships that will last for a long time.

Q: What is the most important thing you learned at CSA-EUR?
A: At CSA-EUR you will learn a lot of things, from soft skills to hard skills. But for me, I mostly improved my people skills. During an active or board year, you will meet a lot of diverse people in different settings (e.g., social or business). Throughout my whole experience at CSA-EUR, I learned how to adapt and most importantly make myself and others feel comfortable at all times. I developed these skills through the workshops that CSA-EUR provided, but also from watching the people around me interact.

Q: Any advice you would like to give to the members reading your post?
A: Make mistakes! It is a normal part of life and everybody makes them. The most essential thing is accepting what’s happened and taking responsibility to avoid doing the same thing again.

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Introducing: Jingli Gao + Milly Liu
Active years at CSA-EUR:
Jingli: 2018/2019 | Business Committee
2019/2020 | President 16th Board
Milly: 2018/2019 | Business Committee
Anniversary date: May 8th 2019

Q: How did the two of you first meet?
A: At our first committee bonding.

Q: Let us know your love story!
A: At first, we saw each other more as "colleagues", and were just working together in a serious manner. But after some (committee) bonding activities, we gradually started talking about non csa-eur related topics (the first time was actually during the internal valentines' day event), and from then onwards, we began liking each other more and more every day 🙂

Q: What is your favorite CSA-EUR memory (together)?
A: Trip to Disneyland Paris & end of the year "traffic light" party.

Q: What was it like dating someone you work alongside within a committee/board? How did it affect your relationship? (Would you recommend it or not?)
A: We started dating after our committee's flagship event, so the workload was less and we had more time to chill with each other. Also our committee members were among the first ones to know, and were quite supportive XD, so we had a lot of fun together, like going to parties, eating out together, etc.
Dating someone from your committee has been a very nice experience for us both thanks to our lovely committee members ❤

Q: What does your life look like today?
A: Mostly studying, working, and chilling at home. Sometimes driving out for a small roadtrip.
We regularly do home-workouts together (hereby strongly recommending Pamela Reif!!), continuously look for new dishes to cook, and casually help each other out with learning Dutch and Chinese. Summing up in one sentence - just encouraging each other to become a better person every day, haha 😃

Q: What does CSA-EUR mean to you today?
A: Milly: The place where maaaany sweet, warm, and fun memories were created!
Jingli: The place where destiny brought us together~

Q: What does your future look like?
A: Both having China-related careers, or owning our own business. Perhaps even living in China ... Beijing or Hangzhou, not sure not sure.
Also want to travel to many places together.
Kinda also want to have a cat or dog...or both!

Q: Any advice for couples that you’ve learned through your own relationship?
A: Disagreements are inevitable; it's all about how you deal with them, and move on together 🙂


Older sibling (OS): Johnson Mok
2017-2018 | Social Events Committee
Younger sibling (YS): Jackie Mok
2020-2021 | Internal Events Committee
Age difference: 4 years

Q: What is your sibling dynamic like?
A: Typical brothers dynamic with lots of fighting, but also unspoken companionship. In the past, the YS would always follow the OS around. However, as we aged, the YS started to follow his own path. Personality-wise we're the complete opposite of each other. Nevertheless, we cool.

Q: Knowing your sibling best, do you think their committee of choice (or board function) suits them? If so, why? If not, what committee would you have recommended to them?
A:YS: The task of Social is to organize many events for the public and radiate a very warm welcoming feeling for the guests, making sure that everyone is having a good time. Knowing my brother not being a social butterfly, I am sure that he struggled in the past to open up and talk actively. But after a while he surely opened up somewhat.

Q: YS, did OS impact your choice to join CSA-EUR? If so, how?
A: Yes, moments where he came home telling me the stories of how he had to organize events and the kinds of people that he met made me gain interest to join CSA-EUR. If not for him, I am not sure if I would've come to know about CSA-EUR.

Q: What is your favorite CSA-EUR memory?
A: OS: My favourite memory is the accomplishment of organising a successful Christmas gala.
YS: In my opinion, there is no single favourite memory. All the small quality times with my fellow active members, seeing how I am growing closer and closer to certain people. Are my favourite moments.

Q: Has CSA-EUR affected your sibling relationship in any way?
A:OS: Yes, we spend less time together now, as Jackie hangs out more often with his own group of friends.
YS: Yes, I am growing more independent now and am living my own life, not following my brother around anymore.

Q: What does CSA-EUR mean to the two of you today?
A: OS: CSA-EUR was the place which allowed me to meet a lot of new people. Life-long friendships have been created at CSA.
YS: CSA-EUR was the place which let me improve myself, it was the place where I have met my new amazing friends who I care about deeply, even found my partner through CSA-EUR (Wink Wink). So CSA-EUR was the place for me which allowed me to improve myself, expand my connections and have lots of fun together with other amazing people.

Q: Any word of advice for other siblings out there?
A: OS: Take care of each other.
YS: Communicate with each other, if there is something bothering you. Don't hesitate to reach out.