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Done with your duty as an Active Member of CSA-EUR? The journey doesn’t need to end here, become part of the Alumni Network!

The Alumni Network is created exclusively for former CSA-EUR Active Members to stay connected, get to know other former Active Members from other years and to stay involved within the organization.

About the Alumni Committee

It is the Alumni Committee’s duty to support the CSA-EUR’s network consisting of former actives. We are responsible for organizing activities and events which will enable Alumni to reconnect with each other and support personal professional growth. Events can vary from informal activities, such as drinks, to formal events that are able to help future careers. The Alumni Committee’s goal is to maintain CSA-EUR’s Alumni network. Hence, former actives will be brought together for both leisure and (career) network opportunities.


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Our Events

Saturday, November 6, 2021
Squid Game
“Would you like to play a game with me?” 👧🏻🔪 Are you ambitious and always on the hunt for a new challenge? Do you like playing games and love the thrill of competition? Ready to make some bank? 🤑💰 Determined to win?

No need to search further because you are invited to the SQUID GAME ⏺🔼⏹ The Alumni Committee is hosting the first round of the Squid Games 🦑 Yes indeed, inspired by the famous Netflix series “Squid Game”!! You and the other challengers will have to survive until the end… Seems easy, right? Sign up to make it till the very end! 😈

After the games, Since it is the first physical event in a while, The first drink and a portion of finger food are on us! Don’t forget to invite your former committee members to make it twice as fun 🎉 Excited to come? Press on the GOING button! We cannot wait to see you guys 🤩
Saturday, November 6, 2021
Friday, February 25, 2022
Alumni x Actives Get Together
✨👥What’s better than friends? More friends!👥✨ Get to know those before you or those who are walking in your footsteps. Our very first Alumni x Actives event of the year! With CSA-EUR as common ground it’s the perfect occasion to make friends with like-minded people!

It will be a night filled with a plethora of ways to form long-lasting bonds. From wholesome dares to more serious topics to fun anecdotes about your time as an active🔥, everyone will leave the event feeling closer to one another.
Friday, February 25, 2022
Friday, March 11, 2022
Alumni: Tales & Talks
Do you love listening to podcasts or do you like to engage in interesting discussions? Do you want to get inspired by our speakers or share your insights and experience on specific topics? Come join our first edition of Alumni: Tales & Talks 🗣️ live from the Erasmus Campus. This is a new initiative launched this year, where we will be sharing our experiences and differences, to together understand the world better with a different topic for each session.

Every session, the Alumni Committee members will have an in-depth discussion with a few speakers and create a safe space for us all to share your thoughts and opinions. This edition will be featuring two of the three lovely ladies from the ✨Expectasians podcast✨.
Friday, March 11, 2022
Friday, March 25, 2022
Alumni Action & Chill: Bid or Quit
✨Alumni Auction & Chill: Bid or Quit✨

We present to you the Alumni Auction & Chill: Bid or Quit!🔨! Prepare for an evening centered around socializing and drinks🥂. Catch up with your fellow Alumni, and be excited for the main activity of the night: our Alumni Auction 🤩! For the Alumni who did not become partners at a large firm 🏦 or are not a billionaire yet💸- rest assured. We will not be using money as our bidding currency, rather we will be using points that you can earn through a quiz!

Will you be the highest bidder 😏? Will you be able to take home the unique items we have in store for you? Have a go at the Alumni Auction & Chill: Bid or Quit👏. The ticket includes snacks and drinks…. and of course, the items that you might score 💰.
Friday, March 25, 2022
Monday, April 23, 2022
Alumni: Tales & Talks 2nd Edition
✨ Are you ready for another evening of personal tales and amazing stories? ✨ Be inspired and discuss along with an evening filled with interactivity! (FREE ENTRANCE)

After a successful first edition of Alumni Tales & Talks, we have decided to host the second edition with guest speakers from CinemAsia and PAC✨. This time we will be discussing Pop Culture and the Asian representation in Western media. Are you wondering why it took so long for Asians to be represented? Interested in Squid Game and Shang-Chi and the rise of Asian culture within the media industry? Don’t wait any longer and join the Tales & Talks II to have an interactive discussion with our panel! 🗣

We can guarantee that this evening will be filled with great insights, tales and lots of interactivity between our panel and YOU ⭐. Afterwards, there will be an opportunity to have a talk and drink with your fellow alumni and current actives 🍸🐼.
Monday, April 23, 2022
Saturday, November 6, 2022
CSA-EUR Alumni: Alumni Olympics
Are you competitive? 😤 Do you like sports? ⛹️‍♂️ Are you a real team player? 🤝 Or do you just want to get off your chair and get moving after all those long days studying/working, while having a good time with other alumni? Then you are ✨ qualified ✨ for our next event! Prepare to work up a sweat 🥵💦, because you and your team will get the chance to compete against others and win amazing prices in the Alumni Olympics! 👀🤩 Does your team have what it takes to become true winners? Register now and go for gold! 🏆🥇
Saturday, November 6, 2022