New Year’s Resolutions 2018


Happy New Years CSA, 2017 treated us well and will be sorely missed. It’s time to look back on all the things that have gone right. I’ll have to admit, the year started off rough, we had a lot to do and a lot to learn. We concluded our first round of language courses, hosted our first Blend me in of the year, took part in a great food festival on campus, and in general got to meet a whole lot of new people. With 2018 here now there are some New Year’s resolutions that we’d like to share with you all.

  1. Learn a new language. It’s always been a dream of mine to learn a new language. I’ll admit I missed the first round of language courses, but I’m definitely signing up when they start again on the 15th of January.
  2. Be more open. We’ve been a little shy recently, but that’s going to change. We want to post on this blog more often, share what’s going on in CSA, and give you all a more inside and behind the scene look at what’s going on in CSA.
  3. Have fun. With so many new events coming up we want everyone to enjoy themselves and have a good time. Coming up we have our much anticipated Chinese New Year party, Sports events and competitions, and more cultural activities to immerse yourself in the Chinese Culture.We had a great 2017 and we hope that 2018 is even greater. Make sure to check back often to see what goes on behind the scenes and what is coming up in CSA.

Happy New Year,

Introducing our Marketing Manager Jennifer van Dulken

Who are you?

My name is Jennifer van Dulken and I am the Marketing Manager of CSA-EUR 2016/2017. My roots are from China, but I was raised in the Netherlands. I am a second-year International Business Administration student at Erasmus University in Rotterdam.


How did your CSA-EUR story begin?

I started as a designer in the Marketing committee from November 2015 in my first year of university. A few months later, young 18-year-old me applied to become the next board. Why I chose for CSA-EUR? I agree with Michelle in this (read), the organization is small enough to be able to implement your creative ideas and large enough to have many responsibilities. During that time, I made a list of global ideas I had at the moment, I am happy to say now that the actions of the Marketing committee even go far beyond the list.

Describe a short week as Marketing Manager:

Week 14 (3 to 9 April)

My week starts on Sunday, I am brainstorming for the board recruitment website page and selecting the pictures from the CSA study trip that took place from 20 to 30 March. This week, I was still recovering from all the karaoke, desserts and stunning views that Beijing and Shanghai brought. Afterwards, I am making the agenda for the next Marketing meeting on Tuesday and checking the sign ups for the calligraphy workshop and sports day.

Monday I have office hours from 13:00-16:00 in which I normally work on Marketing tasks such as Board recruitment and event planning, but also answer questions to (potential) members for example about Board recruitment! During these office hours, I helped with an intake test for language course students and catched up with Jia from the Education committee. When the office hours are over, old friends join me in the office and even bring me Vapiano delivery.  In the evening we host our cultural event: the calligraphy workshop from 18:30-20:00. I am really glad to see a lot of happy faces joining the workshop. It was nice opportunity to chit chat with new people while Instagramming and Snapchatting the event. After the event, I had a board meeting because we had to meet again after the long study trip has passed.

Marketing committee 2016/2017

On Tuesday I have the meeting with the Marketing committee at the Student Hotel. After our meeting we celebrate our birthday day, basically all the birthdays of the committee in one evening. 🙂 We all drew lots and bought a suitable present for secret Santa.  Afterwards we played ‘het dobbelspel’ for which we all bought random presents that everyone could win.

Wednesday morning, I worked on board recruitment and planned social media for the upcoming month. In the afternoon, I attended the sports tournament, not as participant but as moral support. 🙂 I also recorded the highlights on social media (Snapchat and Instagram) and took some team pictures. After the event, we had a nice socializing dinner at Grand garden to review our gains and losses. To top it off, we needed some ice cream at MacDonald’s.

Thursday I worked on marketing duties and Friday evening, I had my second board meeting this week!


What did you learn during your Board year?
Eurekaweek 2016

During my board year I improved my interpersonal and communication skills and learned to lead a team creative and hardworking brains. Besides putting all Marketing skills into practise, my tasks mainly involved planning, coordinating and prioritizing different online and offline platforms while continuously improving the entire process.  I tried to look what is best for the long term and focused on organizations’ strategy and identity what ultimately lead into the creation of a brand book. Furthermore, we introduced the CSA Panda as mascotte, who is a big social media hit! In this board year, I made a lot of fun memories, had a good dose of laughter but most importantly; shaped me how I am now and how I want to be. It definitely strengthened my my passion for Marketing.


How is daily life as a Marketing Manager of CSA-EUR?

What makes the position as Marketing Manager unique is that you are the ‘spin in het web’ (how we call it in Duch) as work tightly with other committees and almost involved in every process. Sometimes it is funny to hear new people say: Hey you’re the girl from CSA-EUR. This means as a board member, you are always representing CSA-EUR. For example, I represented CSA-EUR as Instagrammer of the week of RSM during the Study trip to Beijing and Shanghai. Marketing is more than promoting events and creating promotional materials. As Head of the Marketing committee, you are always busy, in which tasks are never completely fulfilled. Actions speak louder than words, if you want something, you should go all in. I got in as rookie, but time went really fast and in a no time I turned into a mom.


What achievements as Marketing Manager are you most proud of?
Moon Festival 2016

In the beginning of the year, we got a record number of fresh and enthusiastic members at the Eurekaweek. The days I will remember as sunny, Panda loving and me busy with breeding new herds of CSA representatives (CSlaves). After weeks of hard work (promotion!) we got 636 people attending to the Moon Festival! The Moon Festival growing exponentially, we keep it a challenge for upcoming years to not only meet, but also exceed expectations.

Overall, marketing has set strong foundations for upcoming years, enhancing skills and results in almost all areas. This not only includes social media, website and design, but also analyzing data and ways of promoting. This year we focused a lot on general branding, documentation, internal communication, design standardization and more concrete promotion plans. Regarding the website, we had several brainstorm times about how to improve current website in areas such as SEO, speed and functionality. Next to that, for social media and the newsletter we increased consistency, started with analysing the traffic and implementing new ideas!


I feel like a proud mom that has not fulfilled her duty yet, but feels more than honored to feed an example-worthy team who attributed significantly to the growth of CSA-EUR.

What are your personal and organizational aspirations?

I hope CSA-EUR will be filled with hardworking and inspiring people who go the extra mile to grow the association and can balance the real job with fun and passion. My next steps will be putting everything I learnt into practise but then during an internship in a more business environment. My ultimate goal is to form a strong bridge between China and Netherlands, in which CSA-EUR helped me a step closer to achieve it. 


Is CSA-EUR board the destination of your next adventure? Reach out to us via via and you have made your first step successfully! More information about Board Recruitment 2017/2018 and apply HERE. The deadline is Tuesday, 2nd of May 23:59! 

Interview: CSA-EUR Board 2016/2017

The academic year has almost passed and it’s time for CSA-EUR 16/17 Board to say goodbye to their Family. Our Marketing committee member, Khiet Anh Nguyen, had a cosy interview with the Board, where they revealed all fun facts and heart-warming moments from their CSA-EUR life, as well as expectations for the future crew. Discover the Boss side of your favorite Board Member below.

First of all, can you tell me your names and positions within CSA-EUR?

  • Jiaxin Ma (Jiaxin); President and Head of Social events
  • Michelle Yang (Michelle); Vice-President and Head of Business
  • Jennifer van Dulken (Jennifer): Marketing Manager and Head of Marketing
  • Chong Peng (Chong); Secretary and Head of Education
  • Terri van der Zwan (Terri); Internal Relations Manager and Head of Cultural events
  • Xinyi Zhu (Xinyi); Treasurer and Head of International Relations.

Just to warm up, can you disclose your committee’s fun facts?

Terri: Cultural Committee is an advanced meme maker. ⅖ are fulfilling the Asian prophecy (studying Medicine)!

Chong: As you can guess, we are language lovers. Each member of Education can speak at least 3 languages.

Michelle: We are best at having high-class dinners.

As we all know, CSA-EUR is a bridge between EUR and China and its culture. What is your biggest takeaway while leading such a unique organization?

Jennifer: As a Marketing Manager, I’ve learned to be more rational. You should always estimate the feasibility and take all factors into account to implement ideas successfully. Remember that organizational and personal growth lies in your own hand.

Xinyi: I’d say my communication skills has improved. Communication is the key for a well organised association.

Michelle: It has taught me that everybody is different, although we share similar passions.

Can you describe your typical workweek with CSA-EUR?

Jiaxin: As a President, you are expected to pick and manage the projects as they arise and attend the various events of CSA-EUR. The tasks are various, both Board-related and Committee-related. Such examples are to host meetings, answer emails, assist the committees and many other unnamable tasks. One plus is that CSA-EUR is very flexible- you are free to plan your work throughout the week.

Chong: During the week of the language course deadline, you will receive a lot of inquiry emails and process the applications. There are also emergencies popping up, requiring you to be creative and flexible to come up with new ideas, and communicate well with both teachers and students.

Jennifer: A typical Marketing week involves loads of creative tasks (“no surprise but it’s good to mention I guess”). Together with the team, we develop promotion campaigns, plan out social media schedule or content for the newest blog. As a social media lover, the fun part of being in Team Marketing is to take fun snaps and insta stories! Oh, you can expect lots of eating out in CSA-EUR!

Michelle: The connection between managing external relations as Vice-President and organizing business events is very strong, but also very different from day to day. Therefore, it requires a lot of research, calling and meetings.

Now, the practical part of this talk- Board Recruitment. After all those experiences, what will be the characteristics of your ideal Board Member, and what do you hope CSA will achieve next year?

Jiaxin: 3 characteristics I’d say are Rational, Eye for the bigger picture and Attention to detail. I hope to see a strong, big CSA family- particularly, 1500 members!

Xinyi: I value Responsible person. For International Committee, I wish Study Trip Committee to create even more valuable experiences for participants!

Terri: You need to be both a team player and a leader. For Cultural, we strive for big and extraordinary events.

Jennifer: My ultimate goal is people look back happily to their time at CSA. Next to that, a side-wish is 3000 Facebook likes, hopefully when I’m still on board.

“My ultimate wish is that people look back happily to their time at CSA.”

What is the biggest achievement you and your team has achieved during the year 2016/2017?

Chong: During the Eurekaweek, we as the board put a lot of effort for promoting CSA-EUR and attracting new members. We had some difficulties such as very hot weather, not good spot etc, but everyone worked very hard and had fantastic ideas to attract students.

Jennifer: Yes, I agree! The days I will remember as sunny, Panda loving and me busy with breeding new herds of CSA representatives (CSlaves).
As for Marketing, we have set strong foundations for upcoming years. This not only includes social media, website and design, but also data analysis and promotion campaigns.

Michelle: The biggest achievement for Business Committee was definitely China In Focus 2017!

Terri: Probably Moon Festival. That party was a huge blast with a record number of participants. But we still have City Trip ahead, so stay tuned. 

Last but not least- why CSA-EUR but not elsewhere?

Jiaxin: We have the best people. Tremendous board. Best committees.

Chong: You will mingle with people who share the same interests!

Terri: I’d say international connections. You can do business in a family-like community.

Michelle: CSA-EUR is good for your personal development. It is small enough to be able to implement your creative ideas and large enough to have many responsibilities.


Interested in the Board Position(s) and eager to be the next generation of CSA-EUR? Contact us via and shoot your questions. Application for Board Recruitment 2017/2018 is open until Tuesday, 2nd of May – apply HERE.

My new year’s resolutions


2016 was a special year- I was welcomed with open arms to the CSA family. Yet, there are great prospects for 2017. First of all, my Chinese friends Wu Wen en Xing Ya are coming to Ouwehands zoo this year! Together we will portray the symbol of friendship and keep the bond with China tight. Besides that, I have some resolutions to make 2017 even better!

  1. Learn a new language. I have always wanted to master the Chinese language. How cool would it be to learn the Chinese language with your fellow peers in an academic environment? CSA-EUR offers classes with student-friendly price, starting in the week of 17 January.
  2. Work on your career. Although I am quite young, I believe we are never too young to start going to inspiring career events.  Even though you are a first year or master student, there are plenty of activities on campus. China in Focus from 24 to 26 January will invite some interesting speakers and organize networking activities!
  3. Meet new people.  Last year, I met a bunch of awesome people in Blend Me In, Moon Festival and of course on campus. Want to cross this off your list as well? Meet me when you see me walking around campus or at social events of CSA. I would love to meet you!
  4. Become active on campus. Extracurricular activities are a must during your time as a student. Not only will it be beneficial for your career, you will also meet a lot of people. Basically, two resolutions in one! Keep an eye on our social media and website for upcoming recruitment periods. Who knows you will be our next president or marketing team member!
  5. Travel more. This is by far my favorite one. Especially, exploring new cultures even though you are on a tight budget. I cannot wait for this year’s study trip to Beijing AND Shanghai in March for 10 days.
  6. Never stop exploring: Last but not least, I want to make sure that 2017 is not just a year passed by, but it’s an adventurous ride.

Do you find yourself in this list? What are your new year’s resolutions? On behalf of CSA-EUR family, I wish you a happy 2017 and we will see each other soon!


Lots of hugs,

CSA Panda


Christmas Gala- the story unveiled

Festive lights on the streets of Rotterdam and the sight of white-bearded man arriving by boat from Spain marks the beginning of not just the cold Dutch winter, but also the joyful holiday season. At this time of year, the Chinese Students Association of Erasmus University Rotterdam (CSA-EUR) is in midst of preparing arrangements for the annual Christmas Gala.

The program

Catered for details

This year, the events committee of CSA-EUR wanted to take the gala to a new level by adding an after-party to the program, and after scouting a wide range of locations ended up by the river at the upscale Aqua Asia.

“The Gala is a special event that brings together members of CSA-EUR to celebrate the festive season”- Jiaxin Ma, CSA President

So far, the events committee has worked to put together a great menu, prepared a table setting to match, and overcame an initial misfit in the date of the event. But as with any large event, the planning wasn’t without difficulties. Despite the myriad of restaurants situated in Rotterdam, one of the difficulties faced by the events committee was venue selection. To find the ideal location to host the Gala, we listed some of the factors that we thought were of greatest importance, with these being: warm atmosphere, intimate setting and budget.

After coming up and contacting an initial list of restaurants, we fine-tuned our list further by looking at the dishes offered and opted to give preference to Asian-inspired fine dining cuisine considering the nature of CSA-EUR. Finally, after paying a visit to our top choices and negotiating on a final menu, we settled on Aqua Asia. With the approaching of the date of the Gala, the events committee are looking to brush up on the finer details of the event; red carpets, gifts, and ambient music. And as small and irrelevant as some details may seem, the neglecting of such details are what often creates the major issues, and the attention to such details are what makes an event memorable.

The venue, Aqua Asia Club

As Steve Job’s once said, “details matter, it’s worth waiting to get it right”. With hours of planning behind the Gala we expect it to be a night to remember!

Christmas Gala 2016 is hosted in Aqua Asia on the 19th of December. For more information about the prices, menu and program, click here.

Written by Jeffrey Chen

First-ever CSA Active Members Weekend

“I always get work done before playing” Edwin Moses

No, thank you, Mr. Moses. The CSA crew only gets motivated once we have the chance to “play hard”. That spirit, along with our desperate effort to save the long-gone summer, led to the first-ever CSA Active Members Weekend, which took place last weekend in Bergen op Zoom.

So, in case you want to secretly compare your cool weekend vs ours, here’s what we did during the event.

*Disclaimer* CSA is not responsible for your jealousy 😉
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Introducing our General Board Member



Hi everyone, Joey here again and I am back with another interview! This time I had the honor to interview Angelina, our general board member of 2015/2016! The secret strength and support behind this year’s board!

angelina1. Who are you? What are your hobbies?
I am Angelina Li and I am the General Board Member and Head of Business of CSA-EUR. I was born and raised in the Rotterdam area. Currently, I am a student pursuing a master’s degree in Accounting and Financial Management at Rotterdam School of Management.

My two biggest hobbies are traveling and singing. I love to discover different cultures in various cities. For instance, I went to New York last month and will be going to Spain and Croatia in July. In terms of singing, I love to sing to express myself and to release stress.

2. How would the other board members describe you?
Other board members would describe me as a cheerful and hardworking person, who is always willing to improve herself and the organization. Furthermore, they would describe me as someone who loves to eat and try different kinds of food.

3. What achievement as Board Member are you most proud of?
As a General Board Member, I am responsible for managing the office and supporting other board members. This year, I am proud to have supported the Vice-President in finding a lot of sponsors and partners, e.g. Gracy’s and Allocacoc. Furthermore, I am happy to be part of a board that has been constantly improving and professionalizing the organization.
4. How would you describe your board year experience?
I would describe my board year as a fruitful year! I have learned a lot from my fellow board members. Most importantly, I have improved my leadership skills, since I was not a natural born leader. By leading the Business Committee, I have learned how to delegate and divide tasks among my committee members. I am also thankful for my committee members who have supported me in my growth as the head of the committee. Last but not least, through this board year, I have made a lot of new friends and got to know a lot of people. Thus, I am very thankful for this board year.


angelinacif5. Are there any funny moments or happenings from your board year that you would like to share?
I actually do have a remarkable anecdote that I would like to share. Well, actually it’s not an anecdote because it’s completely factual, haha. This year, I started calling Fredo, our Vice-President, ‘Fledo’ just for fun not expecting that almost every girl within CSA-EUR now calls him that. It even escalated to ‘Pledo’. By the way, an interesting fact to point out is that this year most of the active members are girls. Every time, someone calls him that I get scolded by him!


6. If you would win the lottery today and receive 10 million euros. What would you do?
I would travel to a lot of countries and buy a new apartment. I would treat my family on a vacation to Hong Kong. Finally, I would invest the money in funds and do charity work.


7. If you could relive your life, what would be the one thing you would do differently and why?
I would apply for a singing contest and try to become a professional singer. I would do this since I love singing! The prove I have for this are my highscores at Singstar. If you want to see me sing in person, come to our next karaoke event (Blend me In 3.0)!


All in all, Angelina is a very talkative, happy and hardworking person you can always count on! If you are interested in doing a board year at CSA-EUR, please apply asap! The board recruitment is till tomorrow! For more information please go to:

Introducing our Vice-President of 2015/2016



Today I had the honor to interview our most valued Vice-President. During this in-depth interview he mainly talked about his (board year) experience at CSA-EUR. I hope you will enjoy his answers as much as I did!

fredotan1. Who are you and what are your hobbies?
I am Fredo Tan and I am the Vice-President of CSA-EUR. I was born and raised in the Amsterdam area. Currently, I am a sophomore IBA student at Rotterdam School of Management.

One of my hobbies or passions is traveling. I am grateful for the fact that I have been able to travel to a lot of places in the world. I always told myself: “the farther away, the better”. Hence, my travels to Asia and North America over the last few years. However, I realize now that there are also places worth visiting in Europe itself. Exploring Eastern Europe is something that has been added to my bucket list!

2. How would other board members describe you?
My fellow board members would hopefully describe me as a hardworking, dedicated and trustworthy Vice-President who is always willing to help out. However, I am certain that they would throw terms such as ‘eats a lot’ or ‘likes to sleep’ in the mix. Also, I am called the ‘clown’ sometimes because I crack jokes too often and laugh like a village idiot. Moreover, they would state that I am serious when I have to be and the funny guy on all other occasions.



3. What achievement as Vice-President are you most proud of?
I find this a hard question to answer. As the Vice-President, I am responsible for all external relations. This means setting up and maintaining relationships with partners, sponsors, and other stakeholders. I am happy with our current, expanded portfolio of external relationships due to the fact that CSA-EUR has a lot more cooperations nowadays. Having many good partners and sponsors means that we can offer our members benefits and discounts. It’s key for next year to keep maintaining these relationships and further expanding this portfolio.

Furthermore, I am satisfied with how we as a board have managed to take this association to the next level by professionalization, pushing new ideas and the constant urge to do better.


4. How would you describe your board year experience?fredotan

It has been a truly amazing adventure from the get go. I am lucky to be part of board consisting of colleagues that are as dedicated and passionate about CSA-EUR as I am. Besides being colleagues, we are also friends with each other. The cohesiveness in the board has definitely been a strength this year. I have learned a lot during my term from the job itself, my fellow board members, my own committee and other active members. Also, I got to know a lot of people and made good friends. All in all, my board year experience is one that I will cherish forever and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who is considering a board year.

fredobunny5. What was the funniest thing you encountered being a board member?

LOL. For now, I can’t come up with anything good.

6. If you would win the lottery today and receive 10 million euros. What would you do?
First, I would buy a new phone because… I need a new phone. Of course, I would share the amount with family and friends. I would have my own startup company and invest in other startups. Oh, and I would also open my own gym just because I can. But before all this, I would make a glorious, legendary trip around the world that no one else can top.

7. Are you a hunter or a gatherer?
Chicks hunt me and I gather chicks.



Hate to point it out, but to all the hopeful girls out there: this great gatherer is sadly already taken. If you happen to be inspired by this interview and interested in a board year, please do this asap! The deadline is the 22nd of May. Link: