First-ever CSA Active Members Weekend

“I always get work done before playing” Edwin Moses

No, thank you, Mr. Moses. The CSA crew only gets motivated once we have the chance to “play hard”. That spirit, along with our desperate effort to save the long-gone summer, led to the first-ever CSA Active Members Weekend, which took place last weekend in Bergen op Zoom.

So, in case you want to secretly compare your cool weekend vs ours, here’s what we did during the event.

*Disclaimer* CSA is not responsible for your jealousy 😉

Off the road we go!

We departed from Erasmus University (bye-bye Polak!) and headed to the beautiful Bergen op Zoom. The traffic was disastrous, but we turned it into selfie time and radio-singing-along time, so it’s more than fine.

A “calm” night

Food is life- and we fulfilled our lives with a mini buffet at StayOkay Bergen op Zoom. However, the amount of food is not “mini” at all!

Our "mini buffet" dinner
Our “mini buffet” dinner

As the sun goes down, the fun began to surface. We warmed up with CSA fact quizzes among the committees- now we know who are the true CSA admirers. The fun then continued with a cosy bonfire gathering, with more-than-enough alcohol, grilled marshmallows and great talks. And yes, you cannot miss a beer pong tournament on such a night, right?

Bonfire (and marshmallows of course)


As the last bits of fire turned into ashes, we were supposed to be safe and sound in our beds- but that’s not how to be a cool CSA kid. We carried on with drinking games, quizzes, parties, and in-depth conversations until early morning- or until we couldn’t take it anymore. Our night (early day, to be precise) ended with starving people eating up their kapsalons. Yeah I know, our night was super calm.

Yet an active Saturday

Much to our own surprise, everybody was super energetic the next morning, despite the fact that each of us just had about 3-hour sleep (or even less). After breakfast, we went into the woods and found ourselves in a great sand dune in the middle of the forest.

Time for a modelling session! Each CSA committee has its own unique, kickass photos ( because everybody needs a stunning Facebook cover in their life, yes 😉 )

While some groups were busy with their modelling career, others got involved in outdoor games, such as Smugglers Busters or The Paper. It felt awesome exercising in the refreshing nature.

We love Smuggler Busters!

The dog-tired end

Much as we loved our get-together, staying active for another night is an impossible mission, especially after a sleepless night. We reluctantly ended our weekend and travelled back to Rotterdam, preparing ourselves for the new week.

CSA’s Active Members Weekend has gone, but the fun and memories remain. This event was a wonderful chance for the senior staff to catch up with each other after the summer, as well as to integrate the newbies into CSA family. Having had a blast together, CSA crew are now 200% committed to perform their best in the upcoming year.





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