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Hello everyone!

As the chess tournament has past, it’d be interesting to look at the organization behind everything!

In fact, the process of organization is very similar to a chess game: you need to strategize, think a few steps ahead and be able to clearly know where you want to head to.

So the first step to organizing this event would be to ask oneself: what are the bare essentials to have a chess tournament? The essentials are: (1) chess pieces, (2) a location and last but just as important (3) people!

So with those three in mind, we worked towards attaining those goals.

We contacted the local chess club Onésimus to ask whether they could lend us their chess sets for the event, which they gracefully agreed to. The first pre-requisite has been met, we can play on real boards!

Next was the location: As we wanted a central location on campus to host the tournament, the Erasmus Sport Center (S-building) was a viable option. We had already contacted them for the last chess event in November 2017, so they were willing to help us this time again.

Lastly we would need students, as you can’t have a tournament without people! Students should be made aware that there would be a chess tournament coming up. So we teamed up with CSA-EUR to help us promote this event and make it even better!

Looking back at what made this a fun and informative experience for me, was the fun I had discussing various ideas to further make the tournament successful, realizing my own weaknesses and letting other people complement me on those aspects as well as the realization that it nearly wouldn’t have gone so well if I couldn’t apply the meta-mechanics of chess: to strategize, think ahead and have a goal I want to reach!

Yours truly,

Johnny Yang, President of Student Chess Club Rotterdam

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