Study Trip 2018

First of all, we would like to thank you for helping making this (and previous) study trip(s) happen. We sincerely appreciate all the support given to us over the years.
This year’s study trip 2018 took place in Beijing and Chengdu. During the this year’s study trip we put the focus on cultural activities.

Day 1 | Sunday March 25th 2018
Everyone gathered at Schiphol around 12 PM. All participants were very excited to see what China is all about and what the study trip has in store for them.

Day 2 | Monday March 26th 2018
We arrived in Beijing around 6.15 AM. We picked up everyone’s luggage and luckily no thefts took place during this period. After going through the regular airport routine we took the Beijing metro to travel to our hotel. After filling everyone’s stomach with a decent meal, the group headed to the Hongqiao fake markets. Participants showed their best negotiations skills, some ended successful and others were less charismatic. After the fake markets, people were left with an empty stomach again and we headed to our next location: famous hotpot Haidilao. The restaurant even prepared a complimentary mask-changing show and best of all the food was great and very affordable. All in all, a very good start of the very first day in China.

Day 3 | Tuesday March 27th 2018
It was rise and shine for everyone, as we left the hotel at 7 AM and headed to the new summer palace. We went very early in order to avoid the crowd. Luckily we succeeded and we managed to take some amazing photos of the scenery. We also experienced some water calligraphy on the floor expressing the poetic patriotism of the author.
After the lunch we headed to the pick-up point (yuanmingyuan station) where some Tsinghua university students of the cultural & communication department received us and led us to the University. We had a partial campus tour (their campus is HUGE). During the tour we were repeatedly chased and harassed by the same campus police causing annoyance to the Tsinghua students and entertainment to the study trip participants. The tour ended with a visit to their university history museum, where we received an introduction on the history of the university.


Day 4 | Wednesday March 28th 2018
We left the hotel around 8.30 AM and headed to our first company visit: Deloitte China. We got a very gracious welcome and were immediately led to one of their conference rooms. After a short introduction of both sides, we had some time to grab some drinks and did a short office tour. After the tour we received a presentation on Deloitte China, with an emphasis on what makes Deloitte China different from the Global Deloitte Group.
After the Deloitte visit we headed to JD, a high-tech company who is doing a lot of research on using new technology for making the word a better place. We started the visit with a extensive tour across their building highlighting their main topics of research. In particular, their goal to change the way how e-commerce takes place. They introduced facial recognition for making payments and augmented reality and various ways on autotomizing the logistics process by use of various robots and drones. The participants were very taken aback on the state-of-the-art technology that JD possessed and was developing.

Day 5 | Thursday March 29th 2018
We left the hotel by bus around 9 AM to the Great Wall: Mutianyu. For those less adept at conquering steps, there was a cable car option. We managed to take far too many photos on the wall and everyone was very impressed with the scenery and the feeling that emanated from the Great Wall. After descending the Wall, we had a quick bite near the foot of the Great Wall at the great traditional and authentic Burger King of China.
Afterwards tbe group attended an Erasmus Alumni Meet-up. Everyone had a great time and people were very interested to hear the experiences of the two Erasmus alumni present. After the meet-up, some people headed to get a massage again whilst most people went back to their comfortable beds after this very exhausting day.