The beauty of Chinese

If English is the lingua franca for business, Chinese tops the list as the most spoken language worldwide, thanks to the huge number of native speakers. The reasons to learn this language are various- to work, to do business, or just simply to follow the news of your favourite actor. In this article, we state out the simplest reason of all- because the Chinese language is beautiful.

Enriched by history

The Chinese language is the oldest written language with at least six thousand years of history. It uses unique, distinctive symbols, or characters, to represent each word of the vocabulary. China has one of the most fascinating and richest cultures in the world. However, many ancient books, songs, and tales cannot be adequately translated into English. The wisdom of China and its culture thus still remains hidden, like a sleeping beauty waiting to be awakened.

How rich is the language? An extensive dictionary contains 40,000 characters. From this dictionary, you would need to recognise 2000 to 3000 words to read a newspaper. After reading this, you might think that the purpose of this article is to discourage you from learning Chinese. The truth is that it isn’t easy to master this language or any other foreign language, but it is exciting and challenging.

        The language is enriched by history

A challenge worth fulfilling

This beautiful language is an opportunity in disguise, which contains knowledge about the thousand-year-old treasure of China. To learn and understand Chinese to its core is a challenge which reward is well-deserved. Imagine travelling through China without being able to speak the basics or the whole language itself. By mastering Chinese, you will not only be able to comprehend more trends in China but also to travel through the fascinating country with the companionship of the Chinese locals.

A goal worth pursuing, not only to challenge yourself but to find out more about the hidden beauty of China and its people.

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Written by Tamara Sjak-Shie

Edited by Khiet Anh Nguyen.

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