The small Asian


No, I’m not going to write about the size of the genitals, obviously. But it’s about a more interesting topic: the Chinese genes for building muscle. While is it true that Chinese are known for their small size (again not referring to that part), more and more people tend to believe that the Chinese genetics hold back muscle growth. Now the question is of course; is this true?

There are a lot of studies done in this field, and reading each and every one of them would get you even more confused than you are now. Some experiments point out that genetics has a clear influence on muscle development. I believe that it is true that your potential is partly decided by your genetics, but this is regardless of ethnicity.

Trainers and instructors tend to blame other aspects for limited progression, such as diet and lifestyle. It is obviously impossible to disagree with that, since it is a huge factor in developing muscles. Also pointing out that you are a hard gainer would kill your motivation, which means the trainer could lose one client.

Although there is no clear evidence, I’d like to believe that the Chinese genetics are not inferior to other ethnicities in matters of muscle building. Among the one billion Chinese people, there has to be so much diversity in genetics, that it is truly impossible to generalize this. While some people just get big by walking by the barbells, others can lift weights a lot and their muscles would show minimal growth.

I’m not trying to demotivate all the hard gainers here to stop working out. There is no individual who didn’t look better after a couple months of training. Also work with your genetics, instead of against them. Some people respond best to volume, some to intensity, while others respond best to variety or frequency. In almost every case, you can improve what nature threw at you by smart, prioritized training.

Of course there are plenty of other aspects that influence the image of the ‘small Asian’, but hopefully I clarified that genes is not one of them. And remember: no matter how gifted you are, no matter what supplement you take, everyone has to train hard in order to reach the form that they want!

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