Year of the Monkey – What will 2016 bring to you?


Hello, my dear Monkey friends! It is our year. It must be a year full of happiness, luck and a lot of richness. Right?

If you are:

  • Rat, Dragon, Monkey:
    This year will be a great year for you, however this year will be like a rollercoaster. Keep your head low and enjoy the ride!
  • Sheep, Rabbit or Ox:
    The Monkey year will bring you finally the progress that you were looking. Growth will be the anthem for you this year.
  • Rooster or Horse:
    Instead of a rollercoaster ride, you will find yourself into tricky situations. Keep your spirit and you will overcome them.
  • Tiger, snake, pig or dog:
    Keep your head up and don’t lose your spirit. Unfortunately the Monkey will be hard on you. Keep your focus and work hard. The payoff will be great.

Read on to find out more about what the Year of the Monkey will bring you and your friends.


Monkey, monkey, monkey… When two Monkeys are in one room, that brings trouble. The year of the Monkey thus also means trouble, unfortunately for us. Monkey is a very smart, but mischievous animal. Keep your head low and don’t look for trouble. It is best to stay on the conservative side this year. Don’t jump head on in a new adventure, but calculate your risks and odds first. Use your smart monkey brain and you will be fine this year!


When the monkey is in the house, there will be a lot of challenges. You may feel discouraged due to all the circumstances. But don’t forget to keep your head up. A strong will and hard work will get you far. This will be a chaotic year, no doubt, but as a rooster you are very resourceful and talented. Don’t forget that and stay patient. After every rain, there will be sunshine.


Patience is gold. This is one of the things that you must remember, Dog. The Monkey will give you many challenges and tackling them head on may seem like a great idea… but not so fast. Be patient and think, otherwise you might fall into a trap or take on a seemingly good deal. Patience is also a virtue that must be practiced in your relationships. Your relationship may befall into difficult waters. When things get tough, stay calm and talk it out when the waters are calmer. Patience is key.


Piggy, the time is here! This year will bring you a lot of prosperity, but you must be careful. Don’t throw the money all away, using it in a frivolous way will be a sure way to lose it all. Also, this is the year where you will need to realize your responsibilities. Taking care of others might take a toll on you, so don’t forget to look after yourself too.


This year will be a golden year for you. It will bring you many chances for you to grow. Also, friends will come in bounds and bounds. Your reputation will soar high and this will attract many “friends”. Do trust your gut, as not all “friends” are seemingly nice. Do relay on your close friends as they will keep you grounded. Curb your imagination and enjoy the high!


You had to work hard, really hard last year. But finally the year of the Sheep is over. You will find many chances. And you will grow and see many improvements. The progress that you were looking for, has finally arrived. Optimism will take you far, so don’t dwell on the failures. See them as lessons, and be grateful for them. And don’t forget to smile and laughter. Enjoy this year, as you deserved it!


We all know that tigers and monkeys don’t get along. So unfortunately, this year will be a difficult year for you. You will find many challenges and difficulties around the corner. You might want to roar at them and unleash your rage, but don’t! It might be tiring, but you must stay patient. Endure this year and you will come out as a stronger person.


Another dynamic year is coming for you. With your optimistic outlook on life, you will be able to overcome every obstacle the Monkey will throw you. Being positive is a great characteristic, but you do need to know when to ask for help. Grow your friendships and they will give you many in return. Playing is all great and well, but don’t forget to work hard too!


You might be a legendary creature, which the Chinese admire you for. However that does not mean you are unbreakable. Take care of yourself and try to not make enemies. Keep your wit to yourself and listen to others. They may give you the right advice at the right time. You just need to listen. Fly high and fly hard, but remember: the harder you go, the harder you might fall. Treat others well, and they might catch you.


Yes, you are beautiful, but beauty is not all. Do remember that Monkey favors the smart. Use your wit and charming others will be easy. As the monkey is a playful animal, the year will give you many surprises. Don’t fall for the games of the Monkey, slither yourself through the troubles and you will be fine this year!


A great and noble animal that you are, unfortunately this year will not be in your odds. Take care of yourself and watch out for danger. You are a hard worker, but do watch out for people who want to abuse this characteristic of you. Keep your friends close, as they will guide you through the difficult times.


Last but not least, Sheep, if you thought that you knew what a rollercoaster ride was, well, guess again. This year will turn your life upside down. And you will be running and be bewildered by all the things that are going on. Don’t think and just run along with it. You will not have the time to even think about what is going on. Despite running without a script might feel uncomfortable to you, you will be running up. This year will give you the benefit and fortune that you deserve. Just don’t forget to take a breath and enjoy the view once in awhile.


Blog author: Tsui Yin Wan, former secretary and Head of Events Committee of CSA

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