Being President of the 18th Board of CSA-EUR has been a wonderful experience. Leading the association through an array of triumphs and challenges has helped me develop professionally and personally. Setting a strategic direction that aligns with both the identity of the association as well as my personal commitments has been truly rewarding. Most importantly, I will never forget this amazing group of Board members. Meeting each other and helping each other grow has been a blessing. Leading the board of CSA-EUR has been a privilege that I would recommend to everyone that seeks to enrich their student life.

Joshua Cheung


As the President, you are the face and the main contact person of the association. This entails representing the association on various occasions. Furthermore, you keep an overview of the processes in the association, as well as monitoring and overseeing the Board. As the President, you bear the responsibility of directing your Board members and aiding them in their personal and professional development. Furthermore, you will take the lead in envisioning and setting the strategic direction of the association. Together with your Board members you will pursue long term plans and turn vision into reality. Lastly, in relation to your role as representative of the association, you will be supervising the Study Trip committee and the Delft committee.


  1. Being the face and spokesperson of the association, representing the association to stakeholders and other outside parties
  2. Envisioning and setting a strategic direction tailored to the identity of the association
  3. Keeping overview of the processes in the association
  4. Observing the professional and personal functioning of the Board members
  5. Leading Board meetings and General Members Assemblies
  6. Supervising the Study Trip and Delft Committees


Being part of the 18th board of CSA-EUR has taught me many valuable skills like time management, leadership, patience, and people skills. However, throughout this year I have made tons of great memories like the Moon Festival Party. I also made some great friends who I will hold dear. Doing a board year has made me learn more about myself, as I got confronted with my own strengths and weaknesses. I learned to cope with certain issues that I would never have encountered without doing a board year such as strategic decision making and organizing events. Being the Secretary of the 18th board has given me the opportunity to grow at a pace and way I would not have been able to without doing my board year.

Jun Jun Liang


As the secretary your main responsibility is to assist the board members through taking minutes at board meetings, making office schedules, forwarding emails to the right board member, and making an overview of what has to be done. Next to that, you are also responsible for the monthly newsletter. Moreover, emails from different stakeholders go through the secretary and you are also the main contact point for General Members. The secretary also supervises two committees: the Cultural Events and Alumni Committee. The Cultural Events Committee organizes events around Chinese and Dutch culture. The Alumni Committee’s goal is to reconnect Alumni members through events, social media, and other initiatives.


  1. Supervising the Cultural Events & Alumni Committee
  2. Assisting the board members
  3. Keeping contact with all General Members
  4. Taking care of the monthly mailings
  5. Supporting Alumni Network
  6. Writing minutes of board meetings and General Member Assemblies
  7. Contact person for different stakeholders
  8. In charge of the office
  9. Making the Google Drive and Calendars


Getting the opportunity to do a Board year at CSA-EUR is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. It has added so much more depth to both my student and professional life. From being surrounded by great teams (both the Education committee and Board) to attending some amazing events. You will be able to tap into your organizational and leadership skills, while also improving them along the way. Most importantly, I have met some extraordinary people during my time here at CSA-EUR, something I would wish for anyone!

Justin Cheng


As Treasurer you are in charge of keeping an overview of all financial affairs throughout the association. This means continuously communicating with all the committees, creating budget plans and approving/disapproving budget plans. Moreover, you are responsible for the short-term monthly financial administration of the organization, but also the long-term financial goals of the association. Together with the Audit committee you will ensure an accurate overview of the association’s financial state during the General Member Assembly meetings and a smooth transition, financial wise, from Board to Board. Moreover, you have the privilege of supervising the Education committee which focuses on facilitating Language learning through our Dutch and Mandarin Language Course, the Language Buddy System and the Language Café.


  1. Fostering a financially healthy association through overseeing all financial activity (e.g., making budget plans, approving budget plans and financial administration)
  2. Creating a general budget overview and update it when needed
  3. Managing the financial administrations and policy
  4. Communicating with committees regarding their financial situations
  5. Cooperating with the Audit committee to ensure long-term financial goals.
  6. Leading the Education Committee
  7. Monitoring the CSA-EUR WeChat Page

Commissioner of External Affairs (Vice-President)

This year has been an incredible experience where I got to negotiate and close deals with large corporations and make long-lasting friendships with wonderful people of diverse backgrounds. In addition, I received the chance to lead a fun committee full of ambitious members and got to see our efforts pay off in our flagship recruitment event, China in Focus. Furthermore, I acquired valuable skills such as leadership, stress management, negotiation, teamwork, as well as expanded my professional network with companies such as Google, Unilever, Bain & Company, and many more. Lastly, I am thankful to have been part of a great Board with fun, supportive, and clever people. I strongly recommend and encourage anyone who wants to have an unforgettable year full of learning opportunities, fun, and new people, to do a Board year at CSA-EUR! It was a fun year and I am excited to see who will succeed us.

Helen Wu


The Commissioner of External Affairs is partly responsible for maintaining and expanding CSA-EUR’s corporate network, this means you will have to maintain relationships with for example Google and McKinsey & Company, but also reach out to new companies you deem suitable for our association. You will be supervising the Career Events Committee to make sure the monthly events and especially the flagship recruitment event, China in Focus, are executed smoothly. In addition, you will improve the career related events on a strategic level, for instance, how to reach a broader audience, how to make current processes of organizing China in Focus more efficient and determine obstacles that are preventing us from reaching our targets. Furthermore, as Vice-President you will have to be critical about the strategic discussions and decisions made during one-on-one strategy meetings with the President.


  1. Co-developing the long-term strategy and growth policy
  2. Creating and implementing the acquisition strategy
  3. Supporting the President while also critically questioning the strategic decisions made
  4. Building and maintaining long-term relationships with external parties: ranging from big corporate partners to smaller start-ups
  5. Improving the career events strategy wise, especially China in Focus
  6. Arranging workshops and in-house days provided by companies
  7. Supervising the Career Events Committee

Commissioner of Internal Affairs

This Board year has been one of the most challenging but most fun experience. As Commissioner of Internal Affairs, the social characteristic is very strong and your presence, enthusiasm and communication are of crucial importance. In your role, you will develop and demonstrate great leadership, negotiation and time management skills. Your work will lay the internal foundation that will contribute greatly to CSA-EUR’s external successes. Furthermore, I have had the pleasure to be in charge of two committees and being in a wonderful board. You will meet so many new people and you might just make some life-long friends along the way. This experience came with so much fun and I would recommend anyone that is looking to enrich their student life, both on a personal and professional level!

Jin Zhuang Pan


In order to have an organization thrive externally, a healthy internal culture is essential. The family-like relationship within CSA-EUR is an important attribute to attain a healthy organization. As the largest cultural student association at Erasmus University Rotterdam, CSA-EUR still manages to maintain a family-like feeling amongst its active members, which is a unique and distinctive characteristic of this organization. As Commissioner of Internal Affairs, it is your duty to manage all internal-related activities, such as team building, to attain the goal of building a group of enthusiastic, motivated and eager active members. You will act as confidential advisor to all active and board members and you are the first point of contact in case of internal conflict. Furthermore, you will be in charge of the recruitment of Active members. This entails making a recruitment plan and scheduling interviews. As the supervisor of the Internal Events Committee, you will form a developmental program for active members to let them grow and find their interests through various internal events while simultaneously letting the members interact and get to know each other better. As head of Social Events Committee, you are responsible for creating events mainly focused for general members and people outside the organization to get to know CSA-EUR better through informal events, parties and other activities.


  1. Maintaining a healthy internal culture
  2. Administering the personal involvement and social development of Active Members
  3. Acting as confidential advisor for Active Members
  4. Enforcing internal laws and policies
  5. Overseeing the recruitment process of board and Active Members
  6. Facilitating communication between Active Members and the Board.
  7. Leading the Internal Events Committee and Social Events Committee

Marketing & IT Officer

Being part of the 19th board of CSA-EUR has been an incredibly valuable experience, a great learning opportunity, and the most challenging for me. As Marketing and IT Officer, I firstly am responsible for the public appearance and brand awareness of CSA-EUR by managing promotional activities. Secondly, I am responsible for maintaining and improving the CSA-EUR website. These are two very different jobs, which require skill in both aspects, but at the same time very rewarding because you come to learn and experience a lot of stuff, even outside of the things you are familiar with. We've been setting milestone after milestone, and the association grew by a lot this year. I am happy with everything that I reached with the whole association and can look back to a good year where we were able to set great results. In the end, I would say that my leadership skills, communication abilities, and time management have improved, and I was able to advance professionally. In addition, I met wonderful people, built an amazing network, and, most importantly, had a lot of fun.

Nicky Ju


The Marketing & IT Officer is responsible for the brand perception of CSA-EUR, and the main goal is to increase brand awareness through various promotion channels. The duties of a Marketing & IT Officer can be quite diverse, where event promotion is just one element of the job. For the Marketing part, you are in charge of developing and formulating a solid marketing plan/strategy for CSA-EUR where you plan the direction of all marketing activities. In addition, you are also supervising the Marketing Committee, and you have to ensure that all promotional activities for the other committees are executed smoothly. As for the IT part, you will be leading the IT Committee, and you will be responsible for managing and making additions to the IT infrastructure that all the other board members, active members, and all other members will be relying on. That includes but is not limited to the managing server, website, events system, registration system, and membership management system. Other key responsibilities include identifying target markets and how to reach them best, researching external opportunities and the measurement of success, and the process of collecting and analyzing data, which you can use to think of ways to make your strategy more effective.


  1. Increasing brand awareness of the association
  2. Developing strategic  Marketing and IT plans in line with the growth of the association
  3. Keeping an overview of the promotional activities
  4. Managing all the Social Media accounts of the association
  5. Managing the IT infrastructure of the association
  6. Coordinating the communication between Marketing and IT Committees with the other committees
  7. Managing the database and the membership system.
  8. Supervising the Marketing and IT Committee

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