CSA-EUR 20th board recruitment


The Commissioner of Internal Affairs is responsible for managing all internal-related activities, such as maintaining and fostering a healthy internal culture within CSA-EUR. You will also act as a confidential advisor in case of an internal conflict.

Job Description & Responsibilities

In order to have an organization thrive externally, a healthy internal culture is essential. The family-like relationship within CSA-EUR is an important attribute to attain a healthy organization. As the largest cultural student association at Erasmus University Rotterdam, CSA-EUR still manages to maintain a family-like feeling amongst its active members, which is a unique and distinctive characteristic of this organization. As Commissioner of Internal Affairs, it is your duty to manage all internal-related activities, such as team building, to attain the goal of building a group of enthusiastic, motivated and eager active members. You will act as confidential advisor to all active and board members and you are the first point of contact in case of internal conflict. Furthermore, you will be in charge of the recruitment of Active members. This entails making a recruitment plan and scheduling interviews. As the supervisor of the Internal Events Committee, you will form a developmental program for active members to let them grow and find their interests through various internal events while simultaneously letting the members interact and get to know each other better. As head of Social Events Committee, you are responsible for creating events mainly focused for general members and people outside the organization to get to know CSA-EUR better through informal events, parties and other activities.

My experience

This Board year has been one of the most challenging but most fun experience. As Commissioner of Internal Affairs, the social characteristic is very strong and your presence, enthusiasm and communication are of crucial importance. In your role, you will develop and demonstrate great leadership, negotiation and time management skills. Your work will lay the internal foundation that will contribute greatly to CSA-EUR’s external successes. Furthermore, I have had the pleasure to be in charge of two committees and being in a wonderful board. You will meet so many new people and you might just make some life-long friends along the way. This experience came with so much fun and I would recommend anyone that is looking to enrich their student life, both on a personal and professional level!

Board Application Timeline

Board Recruitment Interest Drinks
The 19th board will present what the activities of Board are. Here you will be able to gain knowledge about all the positions and you will have the possibility to ask your questions to everyone personally!

Deadline Passed
Board for a Day
Schedule a day with the Board position you are interested in! Here you get a more in-depth experience about the Board position, such as case questions and what the daily activities are.

Deadline Passed
Board Recruitment
The deadline for the Board Recruitment is on Sunday 2nd of April 23:59. We request you to add a motivation letter and CV to your application! Note that the CV can be at most 1 A4!

Deadline Passed
The interviews will be held in a formal manner. More details about the interview will be sent to you by mail after you have submitted your Board Recruitment submission.

Interviews Passed
Tuesday 7th of March 18:00-21:00
Deadline: Sunday 19th of March 23:59
Deadline: Sunday 2nd of April 23:59
Until 21st of April

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