Lily's Bubble Tea

Enjoy your bubble tea at Lily’s Bubble Tea! The menu of Lily’s Bubble Tea consists of the widest variety of Bubble Tea in The Netherlands for example Lily’s Soybean Tofu, Panna Cotta drinks, Yoghurt Tea and much more. Visit their stores in Delft and The Hague!




Delft: Brabantse Turfmarkt 92, 2611 CP Delft

The Hague: Prinsestraat 104, 2513 CG Den Haag

Enjoy a 25% discount with the CSA-EUR membership card at both locations!

CSA-EUR discount policy

  • No separate payments
  • CSA-EUR members can ONLY use discount when they can show their membership card
  • Always bring your  CSA-EUR membership card! No copies/photos.