Always wanted to share your language with other students and learn another language in return, but did not have the means to find like minded people? We, at CSA-EUR have now created a platform that will connect students with an interest in language sharing: the language buddy system!

This service is based on the idea that students voluntarily meet with their buddies to share languages in a social context. Meet new people and learn a new language? Sounds like a win-win situation to us 🙂 Sign up now! Please note that all information you provide will be kept confidential and is solely used for matching purposes.  We will contact you once we have found you a buddy!

Guidelines CSA-EUR Language Buddy System

• CSA-EUR is only responsible for the matching of a buddy, the rest of the contact is dependent on the participants and their own responsibility
• CSA-EUR considers your privacy to be important and thus the given information will only be used for the pair-up process
• The language buddy system is free of charge, which means that the system is voluntary, not monetary
• Please be careful to not share confidential information with your buddy


• Contact your buddy once you get paired up
• Meet up with your buddy and make clear agreements so that everyone knows what is expected of the other
• Talk to each other in one of the languages and after a while use the other language to communicate
• Meet up until someone does not want to be part of the buddy system anymore

Things to consider for contact agreements:

• How much time you want to dedicate to it
• How often you want to meet
• Where and when you want to meet
• The preferred way to contact each other
• How you want to use both languages, e.g. how long do you want to spend on one language and how long on the other, what kind of topics, etc.