Terms and Conditions


  1. CSA-EUR has the right to determine different prices for members and non-members.

  2. CSA-EUR requests cancellations to be made (at least) 14 days in advance of the date of the event. Cancellation requests made within these 14 days before the event will not receive a refund. This is also the case when the ticket was bought less than 14 days prior to the event. However, in special circumstances, the board or responsible committee is allowed to make exceptions.

  3. If an event has to be cancelled, rescheduled or relocated, CSA-EUR will inform the members to the best of its ability. If the cancellation of a CSA-EUR event is due to circumstances beyond CSA-EUR’s control, CSA-EUR is not liable to repay the participation fee.

  4. In the case that there are photographers or videographers present at one of our events, participants should be aware that pictures and videos might be taken of them for CSA-EUR’s use. By signing up and purchasing tickets, they consent that these photos and videos might be posted on CSA-EUR social media channels.