Founded in 2004, the Chinese Student Association Erasmus University Rotterdam (CSA-EUR) has grown into the largest cultural student association on campus. The purpose of CSA-EUR is to create a community through which students can develop themselves professionally, create a social network, and enhance mutual cultural understanding. CSA-EUR has a great reputation of being an open community with a family-like feeling. Focused on people with an affinity with China, the association has become an international environment embracing all cultures. Through a flat organizational structure, the execution of activities happen in a transparent manner, encouraging General, and Active members to grow within a supportive environment.

Why CSA-EUR Board?

Managing CSA-EUR Board gives you the opportunity to operate in a dynamic environment and provides many experiences that prepare you for your career. We offer you a place to foster your entrepreneurial mindset and give you a platform to make impact through your ideas. Working closely with all committees and other Board members, you will learn your personal strengths and weaknesses of being a leader and managing people and projects. Being Board member also allows you to get in contact with many people. Whether it is successful alumni, recruiters from corporates, or inspiring speakers from other companies, you will grow a large social and professional network that lasts for a lifetime.

With around 50 active members and more than 50 events a year, you get hands-on experience on managing within a cross-cultural context and realizing goals within a challenging market. With events ranging from social drinks to an annual conference, being Board member is a perfect position to develop your interpersonal and professional skills. Taking a leadership and management position like this is a unique experience you will not find elsewhere. Outside the professional field, you will participate in many fun activities as well. As Board member you get in touch with many people and spend time with them through both internal and external activities. Through team buildings, dinners, a gala, and many other events, you are guaranteed to get the most out of your student life!

Board Positions


Witnessing how all the energy I put into CSA-EUR bears its fruits and how my vision comes to fruition is a truly wonderful experience that I would not have been able to produce anywhere else. Being President greatly contributed to my strategic, interpersonal and time-management skills and showed me how enrichening it can be to work on your mission and vision.

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This board year has been a great opportunity for me to challenge myself personally and professionally. The variety of responsibilities forced me to think outside of the box and taught me how to face uncertainties. Working closely with my fellow board members and leading two committees to achieve the same goals was a rewarding and fun experience that I will never forget.

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As the Treasurer of the CSA-EUR board, it is crucial for you to create a healthy financial environment inside the association. In general, you are responsible for budget allocation, transactions administration and overall financial situation. You are not only in contact with your fellow board members but also with each committee regarding their financial issues. During this year, you need to make sure the whole association is running and growing on the right track.

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Commissioner of External Affairs (Vice-President)

This board year has been truly amazing. As the External of CSA-EUR, I had the pleasure to expand my professional network by meeting ambitious students, inspiring professionals, and impressive companies. Throughout the year, I was challenged to further develop myself both personally and professionally. On a day-to-day basis, I had to work closely with my fellow board members while setting strategies and solve problems. Together with my career events committee, we managed to organize a successful China in Focus Career Days which has been absolutely rewarding.

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Commissioner of Internal Affairs

You might see this position as the most informal position within the Board. The social characteristic is very strong and your presence, communication and enthusiasm is of crucial importance within this role. Needless to say, as a social butterfly you will definitely fly to great lengths in this position. Contrastingly to your presence, your work will be mostly behind the scenes. However, do not be fooled as the internal foundation that you lay will contribute greatly to external successes. I’m glad that I’ve been given the opportunity to do a board year at CSA-EUR before my time as a student ends. This year has been truly unforgettable.

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Marketing & IT Officer

This board year has been a great learning experience for me. As the Marketing & IT Officer, I am responsible for the public appearance of CSA-EUR on our website, social media channels as well as offline presence. This is definitely no easy task, as you will have many projects going on at the same time which all require your attention. But in the end it’s very satisfying to see your ideas come to life.

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