Founded in 2004, the Chinese Student Association Erasmus University Rotterdam (CSA-EUR) has grown into the largest cultural student association on campus. The purpose of CSA-EUR is to create a community through which students can develop themselves professionally, create a social network, and enhance mutual cultural understanding. Focused on people with an interest in Chinese culture, the association has become an international environment embracing all cultures. CSA-EUR has a great reputation of being an open community with a family-like feeling.

Why CSA-EUR Board?

Being part of the CSA-EUR Board gives you the opportunity to operate in a dynamic environment and provides many experiences that prepare you for your career. CSA-EUR offers you a place to foster your entrepreneurial mindset and gives you a platform to make impact through your ideas. Working closely with all committees and other Board members, you will learn your personal strengths and weaknesses of being a leader and managing people and projects. Being a Board member also allows you to get in contact with many people. Whether it is successful alumni, recruiters from corporates, or inspiring speakers from other companies, you will grow a large social and professional network that lasts for a lifetime.

On top of that, as a CSA-EUR Board member, you are guaranteed to get the most out of your student life. Outside the professional field, you will participate in many fun activities. You will get in touch with many people and spend time with them through both internal and external activities. With around 50 active members and more than 50 events a year, you get hands-on experience with managing in a cross-cultural context while creating interpersonal connections. Taking a leadership and management position like this is a unique experience you will not find elsewhere.

Board Positions


"Being President of the 18th Board of CSA-EUR has been a wonderful experience. Leading the association through an array of triumphs and challenges has helped me develop professionally and personally. Setting a strategic direction that aligns with both the identity of the association as well as my personal commitments has been truly rewarding. Most importantly, I will never forget this amazing group of Board members. Meeting each other and helping each other grow has been a blessing. Leading the board of CSA-EUR has been a privilege that I would recommend to everyone that seeks to enrich their student life."


"Being part of the 18th board of CSA-EUR has taught me many valuable skills like time management, leadership, patience, and people skills. However, throughout this year I have made tons of great memories like the Moon Festival Party. I also made some great friends who I will hold dear. Doing a board year has made me learn more about myself, as I got confronted with my own strengths and weaknesses. I learned to cope with certain issues that I would never have encountered without doing a board year such as strategic decision making and organizing events. Being the Secretary of the 18th board has given me the opportunity to grow at a pace and way I would not have been able to without doing my board year."


"Getting the opportunity to do a Board year at CSA-EUR is something I will cherish for the rest of my life. It has added so much more depth to both my student and professional life. From being surrounded by great teams (both the Education committee and Board) to attending some amazing events. You will be able to tap into your organizational and leadership skills, while also improving them along the way. Most importantly, I have met some extraordinary people during my time here at CSA-EUR, something I would wish for anyone!"

Commissioner of External Affairs (Vice-President)

"This year has been an incredible experience where I got to negotiate and close deals with large corporations and make long-lasting friendships with wonderful people of diverse backgrounds. In addition, I received the chance to lead a fun committee full of ambitious members and got to see our efforts pay off in our flagship recruitment event, China in Focus. Furthermore, I acquired valuable skills such as leadership, stress management, negotiation, teamwork, as well as expanded my professional network with companies such as Google, Unilever, Bain & Company, and many more. Lastly, I am thankful to have been part of a great Board with fun, supportive, and clever people. I strongly recommend and encourage anyone who wants to have an unforgettable year full of learning opportunities, fun, and new people, to do a Board year at CSA-EUR! It was a fun year and I am excited to see who will succeed us."

Commissioner of Internal Affairs

"This Board year has been one of the most challenging but most fun experience. As Commissioner of Internal Affairs, the social characteristic is very strong and your presence, enthusiasm and communication are of crucial importance. In your role, you will develop and demonstrate great leadership, negotiation and time management skills. Your work will lay the internal foundation that will contribute greatly to CSA-EUR’s external successes. Furthermore, I have had the pleasure to be in charge of two committees and being in a wonderful board. You will meet so many new people and you might just make some life-long friends along the way. This experience came with so much fun and I would recommend anyone that is looking to enrich their student life, both on a personal and professional level!"

Marketing & IT Officer

"Being part of the board was a valuable experience and a great learning opportunity for me. As the Marketing and IT Officer, I am responsible for the public appearance of CSA-EUR and managing the promotional activities, both online and offline, and the IT infrastructure of the association. This is at times challenging and stressful as you will have many projects at the same time and other committees relying on you. However, it was definitely also rewarding when we were able to see our ideas come to life. I had the pleasure to guide two amazing committees, with who I can look back on a good year where we were able to set down nice results. Not only was I able to grow professionally, by developing my leadership and communication skills, I also got to meet great people and gained an incredible network, and above all, had a lot of fun."

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